« The major challenge for leaders in the twenty-first century will be how to release the brain power of their organizations »

Warren Bennis

Creating trust by connecting businesses, ideas and people on a higher level

At Inspire we help leaders to handle disruptions in 3 key areas: Designing an empowering innovation system (Disruption MasteryTM) , building high-performing teams and nurturing an inspirational corporate culture

Disruption Mastery Program

We live a time of exponential change and we need to rethink our innovation strategies.

Disruption Mastery requires a delicate balance of exploiting existing resources without becoming imprisoned by them.

We combine the best of strategy and technology consulting with the best of leadership consulting to create breakthrough results

Executive Team Effectiveness

Relations are the new capital. The ability to cocreate and act with speed is directly correlated with the quality of connections.

Teams are the neurons of agile, brain-like organizations. We renew team routines with analytical emotional and creative intelligences and a proven team coaching process.

Teams develop their inclusion power, inspiration, influence and innovation capabilities

Organizational Culture Shaping

Culture shapes the way people think and behave, and thus, it profoundly shapes how innovation happens.

Clients who have worked with us tell us our process is unpralleled in the consulting industry.

Their results provide the proof that our time-tested, comprehensive 4U methodology mesurably enhance the spirit and performance of organizations

Clients testimonials

“I am impressed by the capacity of our team to come up not only with an ambitious and manageable roadmap but also to drive with passion our culture renewal. To sum it up: Outstanding job!”

Christophe Duverne, CEO at Linxens

“The 4U is an experience I recommend everybody to have.That empowered culture and that positive culture make all the difference in the world, not just in how you feel, but in the results that you get. »

Reda Guiha, Regional President of International developed markets at Pfizer


Inspire is an award-winning consulting and culture shaping firm based in Paris.

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